Basis 13 th Mercosur Salon of Sacred Art "Padre Castañeda Prize".

The Padre Castañeda Mercosur Salon was created due to the celebrations of the religious end of year feasts, and to honor Friar Francisco de Paula Castañeda one of the first journalists and who settles the first drawing school in Argentina being the direct leader of the artistic teaching in the country. The basis of the educational proposal by then was the formation of the man. It was the objective of Jewits, of Belgrano and Friar Castañeda also who synthesized another great priest of the time Friar Cayetano Rodriguez, when saying: "I don't know what ventures Y warn from the future, but It is necessary to form men".
The academy of Padre Castañeda started to fusion ate in what today we know as La Recoleta in january 1815. And due to the priests petition on august 10 th 1815, a drawing room was inaugurated in the city hall where he delivered his famous patriotic speech, the one that interests because of the way this one praises culture and education taking into consideration the teaching of drawing as one mean to industrial progress. In one of his paragraphs says: " Starting this moment I take on my weak shoulders the hard working task of making draw a common thing not only in this city and suburbs but also in all of our country, I won't give my eyes any rest until I can see this plant fully grown, and in all of its splendor this school which is undoubtedly the mother and teacher of all arts."
In 1823, he settled in Rincon de San Jose, town of the Santafesinal coast, rapidly built the school and chapel on November the 5th. 1825 he writes to governor Lopez: "The geographical position in which I find myself motivates me to new enterprises from Entre Rios by the Parana come to me once in a while fleets full of angels, to exercise on the first rudimentary of words and religion. All day I was surrounded by little Indians whom I taught next to grammar, drawing, arp, carpentry and iron works."
Up until 1827 he kept his school attendance was numerous. The teaching of drawing was one of the causes of his labor. The friars initiative takes its full dimension if one takes into consideration the place and the historical moment in which he developed his labor. (J:A: Garcia Martinez, "Art and artistic teaching in Argentina")

Basis 13 th Padre Castañeda Salon 2008

Can enter: painters/popular art/photographers/sculptures.
Theme: sacred art.
Measurements: painting: 30cm x 40cm only (on cloth, cardboard, paper).
Sculptures: 50cm x 40cm x 40cm max. (bronze, stone, marble, wood, etc)
Photographies: 20cm x 30 cm / 30cm x 40cm (without paspartu, not frame).
Deliveries: from October 1st to November 3rd 2008 to Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation, Caseros 2739, CP 1246. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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