Basis of the Salón Mercosur Internacional Premio Juanito Laguna 2008.

On the day of the child (1st Sunday of august) a chocolate drinking party is done together with the awarding, donation, and honoring activities of the Mercosur Juanito Laguna Salon (Juanito Laguna, series of printings in which the argentinian artist Antonio Berni wins the Bienal of Venice 1st. prize in 1962). About Juanito Laguna his creator, the painter Antonio Berni, has written: "I see and I feel Juanito as an archetype of an argentinian and latinamerican reality, I feel him as an expression of all the existing Juanitos Lagunas. For me he is not an individual, a person, he is a character and as I have already told you, many kids and teenagers who I have met, who have been my friends who I have blended with, who I have played in the streets, are blended in him. He is also a part of myself: I don`t identify, nor can totally indentify with him, because I wasn`t a kid from the misery villages, even though I was poor during my childhood, I don`t belong to his class. I insist on this, he is not a real and concrete person but a symbol I use for shaking peoples conscience. Sympathy of course Y feel for him, compassion never, and to love him, yes I love him. It`s more than that, I don`t want him to be a poor kid for anybody, but a poor kid who rejects as an offense to be considered and keep on considering him a poor kid. Juanito Laguna doesn`t beg for money, he claims for justice , consequently he places people on this alternative: the jerks will feel sorry and do charity to the Juanitos Lagunas, the men and women of God will do justice to them. That`s what all this is about!"

Basis of the Salón Juanito Laguna 2008.

Open to artists of all countries in the world.
Theme: free.
Jury: critics of art residing in Mercosur.
Prizes: Paintings, printings from argentinian artists.
Photo format: color or monochrome, (not paspartu, nor frame) 30cm x 40cm / 20 x 30cm.
Paintings: 30 cm x 40 cm only, no frame on Cloth, carton, paper, free technique.
Sculptures: 50 x 40 x 40 cm. max, marble, bronze, wood, stone, etc.
Art delivering: personally, or by mail: "Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation: Caseros 2739, CP 1246, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From June 1st. to june28th 2008.